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Friday, November 25, 2016

A Pathetic Civil War

Warning: Some offensive terms and pictures are used in this post. They are items that I have read, seen, or heard, not my own.


The verbal attacks on conservatives and liberals need to end. Now. What good do they serve? How does calling a conservative a “redneck retard” or a liberal a “crybaby faggot” make your life any better? How does it improve this country? Because isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Make this country as great as it can be?

So what is the purpose of posting things like this?

It is impossible to cover everything that is disgusting here. Let’s start with all of the stereotypes—on both sides. Conservatives should be offended by how they’re portrayed, as should liberals. Secondly: For all of the fear of terrorism, for all of the anger towards ISIS, you’re promoting a civil war? Americans killing…Americans!!

That’s the bottom line—conservatives are Americans. Liberals are Americans. When you turn such vehement hate on each other, you are turning on another American. What does that make us as a collective nation?


Like it or not, conservatives and liberals cannot function correctly without each other. America would collapse without both sides strong and present. When I have students write persuasive papers, I tell them that regardless of their stance, I will argue against them in order to push them to think harder. We need that. We need dissent to think things through. We need dissent to point out the loopholes in our plans.

Liberals think outside-the-box. They’re the dreamers. What could be. Conservatives think inside-the-box. They’re the rule followers. What is and should be. Without liberals, little progress would be made. Without conservatives, the progress would fall apart and fail.

Neither side has all of the answers. But if we can learn to work together, we will come closer. Of course there will be disagreement, but that’s not wrong. Of course there will be anger, but anger should not turn into such vile hatred. In life, who makes us the angriest? Those closest to us. Friends and family. And we love them, despite those times of deep frustration. If we truly want a strong nation, we need to duplicate the family construct. Accept our differences. Learn how to work through those differences. And love each other.

Stop stereotyping. Stop generalizing. Stop labeling and defining. It’s all hate and has no place in this country if we truly want “to make America great.”

When we stereotype, we think of conservatives like this…

…when in reality, they can also look like this…

Even these people call themselves conservatives:

When we stereotype, we think of liberals like this…

…when in reality, they can also look like this…

Even these people call themselves liberals:

My point is that both sides come in all shapes, sizes, colors, orientations, ethnicities…the list goes on and on. There are clearly some conservatives that most other conservatives don’t want to be associated with…just like there are some liberals that most other liberals don’t want to be associated with.

When you really boil it down, conservatives and liberals are not that different. Both sides recognize how awesome this country is, they just differ on how to make it better. But instead of hating each other for it, we need to learn how to respect those differences. That is what makes America the best country in the world. Love and respect and acceptance of each other’s differences. But that’s far from what we’re showing each other right now, and it needs to stop.

Yes, share your opinions on the speaking points and actions of politicians, but do so with documented fact from reputable sources. Stop sharing despicable op-ed pieces written with unsubstantiated theories and one-sided rhetoric. Stop with the abhorrent, hate-filled memes. Conservatives are not all heroes, nor are they all evil. Liberals are not all heroes, nor are they all evil.

But there is one thing that true conservatives and true liberals are:


Take pride in that.


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