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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Changing It Up

Dear Reader,

Things have been awfully quiet on the Cromulent Thoughts site for some time now, but rest assured that the work has been far from still on the home front.  When I began this blog, I was so terrified of presenting wrong or misleading information that I researched endlessly.  I read hundreds of pages and watched dozens of online sermons every week for quotes and direction on a particular topic.  This not only led to countless hours of preparation, but usually a 10-12 page post.  While I am extremely pleased with what’s been written here—I have learned and grown so much through this process—it’s taken a lot out of me as well.  When a topic spun out of control due to the high volume of research it required, I was upset when I couldn’t post every week.  I let myself down.  I felt that I had let you down, Reader.  Most importantly, I felt that I had let God down.  After writing the lukewarm post, I felt hypocritical—as if my faith was in a “cool down” phase.

In truth, I haven’t stopped researching.  Maybe I no longer read hundreds of pages a week, but I still clear 30-40.  Maybe I no longer watch a dozen online sermons each week, but I still view 1-2.  My problem is that my brain tells me that until I have all the information, I cannot write the post.  So I read.  And I watch.  And I take notes.  Day-after-day, week-after-week, and the size of the notes grow and grow and grow until it becomes more about managing the information I have and less about delivering the intended message.

Obviously, this is a stress that I must let go.

This year, I am going to try a different format.  I’m going to keep the theme of the blog—to push, to challenge, to create conversations—but I’m going to strip the message down to the bare bones.  Less research.  Shorter length.  If this causes me to revisit a particular topic down the line, so be it.  My hope is that I still get as much out of it as I did when I first began.  I hope that others reading this are just as challenged and/or inspired as they were at the beginning.  I hope to produce a new post once a week, but accept that it may be closer to every couple of weeks.

There is a post that I have been working on all summer that I would like to write up and publish here within the next few days.  After that, my initial plan is to follow the Wyldlife schedule.  This year, our theme is “Jesus Is…”  It’s a topic that I had planned to do here at some point, so why not now?  Whether I am the speaker that week or not, I will put together my own “talk” and post it here.

I think this could be something great.  I feel good about moving in this direction, and I look forward to what these next few months will bring.  Thank you for your patience, Reader.  I hope to see you back here soon.

Yours in Christ,

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